the good, the bad, and the OMG.

Good: I'm finding more time to relax and watch the DVDs I've wanted to watch for a while.
Bad: I have to watch them on the livingroom DVD player, because the one in the familyroom is old and unreliable.
OMG: Roomie broke the one in the livingroom.

Good: I've discovered the joys of chocolate/vanilla ice cream in a sugar cone.
Bad: I gained 3 pounds.
OMG: I've discovered the joys of Tim Hortons' Iced Capp with chocolate milk.

Good: I did a full body weights workout on Friday.
Bad: I was too sore on Saturday to do my interval/tabata workout.
OMG: I was too sore on Sunday to get up off the couch without wanting to scream.

Good: I spent a couple of hours at the crafts store and mall while Lam was at his buddy's party.
Bad: I spent over $50 on stuff at said craft store and mall.
OMG: Sephora just opened at the mall, and I will probably spend much more than $50 there in the future.

Good: Lam went to his buddy Christopher's birthday party at the Western Canada Aviation Museum.
Bad: He didn't feel well in the car on the way back home.
OMG: As soon as we got home, he threw up all over his father and the Twister mat that Roomie and Mini were playing on earlier. He has a stomach flu.

Good: The boys enjoyed the beautiful spring weather.

: The Evil Cat who's been in cat-jail more times this week than we can count for pouncing on the kids.

: Some things just can't be unseen, so I'll spare you. Aren't I nice? :)
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