I'm back. Sorta. Also, Happy 6th Anniversary to Life Candy! Yay!

Hi!  I'm Nenette, and this is my blog!  :)

Yeah, I haven't written in a while, so I figured you'd forgotten me.

Not a good thing, this Not Blogging thing.  Especially when you have an awesome blog, like I do.

I've been busy on a mission of self-discovery and self-development these past few months, in addition to the whole self-improvement thing that's been an ongoing project documented in the pages of this blog.

I'm continually finding that I'm pretty awesome!  And so are you... because you read Life Candy.  Transitive property.  It's a math thing.

So when I get back into the groove of things here in my online home, you may find a very different person behind the keyboard.  I just might too.  Who knows.  I hope you like her.  I think she rocks.

But, alas, I'm currently sick, so you'll have to wait before I am able to write a post worthy of this awesome blog.  Awesome.

But I'm back!  And OMG, it's the day after my blog's birthday!

So, to celebrate somehow, I leave you a tool of self-discovery, and I hope you leave your scores in the comments.  I scored 45.  :)

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