mo bros.

"Movember... [deep sigh] ... Is over." - Harmzie

Alas, it is December 1st, and we once again close the chapter of another Movember, the month when our dudes grow their various flavours of mustacheos for prostate cancer awareness and research.

This year, Roomie and 3 of his besties (since the naughty good ole university days) decided to do Movember together as mo bros.

LRM (one of my besties and wife of a mo bro) and I were predicting that our guys would ultimately look like a 70s pron barbershop quartet...

I think Max, Mr. LRM, El Don, and Roomie look mo-sational, don't you think?!  And Harmzie, LRM, Ms. El Don, and I are so proud of them... for, you know, growing facial hair.

I'm not sure how much their little group raised, but at last count, Canada raised the most money worldwide with over $36,000,000 in donations!  Yay, Canada!

Great job, guys!  Great job!


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