project 333: spring 2011. oh, and a recap of fall 2010.

Think, if you will, back to October last year.  You there?  Okay, bitchin'.  You may remember that I took part in a minimalish-ist wardrobe project called Project 333.

According to the rules, I had to pear my wardrobe down to 33 items of clothing that would last me for 3 months.

Despite my *ACK! I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!* terror, I was fine.  Yes, I'm a sahm/wahm, and for the most part, I work in my loungewear (which is not included in the 33), but I also have a bff who drags me out of the house for coffee many times, I have to grocery shop, and I'm the dentist/dr-appointments-swimming-dance-class-birthday-party chauffeur.

Do I really want to run into an ex-boyfriend or my old nemesis looking frumpy and sloppy in a ketchup-stained t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants that have a hole in them thanks to an unfortunate scissor mishap?  Hell no!

In those 3 short months, I learned a few things about myself and my clothes:
  • I'd been there before.  I mean that, back around '95-'01, I wore a very basic wardrobe.  I was very "should I wear this white tee or this white tee with my jeans?".  Then I'd embellish with a sweater or a jacket.  Change up the shoes depending on occasion.
  • I didn't like a lot of my clothes.  Oh, I'd wear them because they were there, and they fit.  But they weren't my favourites, and now, I think of some of them and wonder what kind of weird drugs I'd been on to keep that stuff in my closet all this time.
  • I didn't have that many clothes to begin with.  As a sahm, I don't need that many, and I've gotten rid of clothes over the years as I've, ahem, gained weight.
  • It was easy to purge.  I had no emotional attachment to my clothes.  At least, that's been the case since I've had kids.  With the exception of a few key pieces, they're just things I put on to keep me warm, to keep me dry, and to keep people from staring at my boobs my back fat the weird birthmark on my ass (I wish I was kidding about that last one).
  • I need to find my style -- again.  The Fall 2010 Edition of Project 333 forced me to reassess and care about how I presented myself to the world.  I didn't want the few pieces in my closet to be all weird and of disjoint styles.  They had to go in the same direction.
Now, fast forward.  Okay.  I didn't take part in the January-March 333 phase, but I'm back for the Spring April-June Phase of Project 333!!!  Woohoo!!!

So, in lieu of this week's regularly scheduled Five post (which would've been late anyway), you get to see my wardrobe.  Lucky you!

The Spring 33.

1: jeans
2: khaki pants
3: black shorts
4: black shorts 2
5: denim capris
6: black scoop-neck swing shirt
7: black v-neck shirt
8: black v-neck shirt 2
9: black tank
10: white print scoop-neck shirt
11: white print swing shirt
12: white scoop-neck shirt
13: white tank
14: black hooded cardigan
15: black zip sweater

1: blue/black sarong
2: red/black sarong
3: black scarf
4: sun glasses

1: 2-inch diameter gold hoop earrings
2: jade fish necklace

1: denim coat
2: black trench
3: long Hellraiser-ish winter coat
4: short black jacket

1: black flats
2: black heels
3: white heels
4: winter boots
5: rain boots
6: brown leather flipflops
7: black flipflops
8: black sandals


  1. I love this ..thanks for you...

  2. Good for you Nenette! I definitely have way more than 33 articles of clothing, but I've been reducing the surplus over the past several months.

    I was cracking up about your not having any emotional attachment to clothes since having kids and gaining weight. I'm so with you! Clothes are pretty much just a necessity right now since I'm mostly a WAHM. I don't want to wear anything that I'll be upset if my toddler wipes food on it, or rubs his snotty nose on me. You know?

    Keep us posted on how your 33 items of clothing for 3 months challenge works out!

  3. @Anonymous: You're welcome! Thanks for your comment. :)

    @Jenny: Mom clothes really go through a lot of torture, don't they?! :) I will definitely try to post updates and outfit combinations over the next 3 months. Thanks, Jenny!

  4. This IS very good for you! I would have a panic attack if I HAD to do this. I'd cry! Although I probably only wear this amount of clothes, too... meaning that the rest of my closet usually sits untouched!