100 things about me.

[Latest Update: 2015-12-14]

Apparently, all REAL bloggers are supposed to do this 100 Things thing.

Geebus! How was I supposed to know?!

It wasn't in the Handbook of Real Blogging Online on the Internet, which someone (not me) should really write one of these days. And they didn't mention it during the Bloggers' Initiation. You think they'd at least mention it between the paddlings and panty raids. But no, not a peep. Jerks.

Anyway, I've been working on this for the past 2 days hours, and now it's ready. It may not blast me into the stratosphere as an alpha blogger, but it may just stop the stalkers my dear readers from harassing me with "Where is your 100 Things post?" emails.

So, here it is. Now, don't tell me I don't do anything for you... xo

1: I'm a Scorpio and a Yin Earth Rooster.

2: My birthstone is Topaz, but I've always wished it was Ruby.

3: I'm 5'3".  Small-boned.

4: I inherited my mother's thick hair and my father's waves.  I've been told that, together, they make "just had sex" hair, "rockstar" hair, or "just been f*cked" hair.  Apparently, this is a good thing.

5: I was born via emergency C-section, 2 weeks overdue.

6: I'm the 1st grandchild on my father's side, and the 4th on my mother's side.

7: I have no biological brothers or sisters... that I know of.

8: When I was 2, my grandmother gave me a chicken for a pet. It died when I gave it a bath and left it out in the hot sun to dry.  No, we didn't eat it.  Gross.

9: My parents and I moved to Canada four days before my 4th birthday.

10: After all these years in Canada speaking almost only English, I am still able to speak Tagalog.

11: My nickname growing up in the Philippines was "Candy", because my neighbourhood friends thought the reason I was so fat was because I'd eaten lots of candy.  Of course, I thought it was just lovely and insisted my family call me that too.

12: I have decided that Candy will be my stripper name -- you know, just like Clark Kent's stripper name is Superman... oh no, wait...

13: I introduce myself as Nenette nowadays.  Some family and old special friends still call me Candy, and I'm okay with that.

14: I know how to play the organ, piano, and bass guitar.

15: I also know Tae Kwon Do and Sikaran-Arnis.

16: At one point in my adolescence, my parents had enrolled me in organ lessons, piano lessons, swimming classes, figure-skating classes, tae kwon do classes, and hula dance classes all at the same freakin' time. The only night I had free was Sunday.

17The only lessons I truly regret being forced to take were the organ lessons. I could've used that hour to watch episodes of The Rockford Files. Kidding about the Rockford Files.

18I really wanted to take singing lessons and guitar lessons.  So I could be like Charo.  Kidding about Charo.  Although I do think she's cool.

19: I did make money by playing the organ for weddings and funerals.

20: I started wearing glasses in Grade 4. My eyesight is now so bad that I need my glasses or contact lenses to see beyond a foot in front of my face. I want Lasik so bad, but I'll wait until I don't have to sell my body to afford it.

21: When I was 13, my orphaned 18yo cousin on my mother's side came from the Philippines to live with us. We are close, and I consider her my sister.

22: Other than my parents and sister, I have no other relatives in town. I have extended family living in Seattle (Washington), Surrey (BC), and the Philippines. Thanks to Facebook, I've found a whole new bunch of relatives in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

23: Some people think my first celebrity crush was Scott Baio. Actually, it was Donny Osmond. Because, you know, he was a little bit rock 'n' roll.

24: I went to Catholic elementary school. My parents claim that I was the first Filipino student to attend that school.

25: I wore braces for 3 1/2 years, had surgery to fix my diastema, had surgery to remove my 4 wisdom teeth, and wear bridges to replace 2 teeth that never grew in. I'm now officially a robot.

26: I had glasses, braces, and a bad tight perm.  Needless to say, I never dated in high school.  

27: I went to an all-girls' Catholic private high school. At graduation, I tried to burn my uniform. It just melted. It was made of polyester.

28: I played organ for my parents' choir at church every Sunday for 6 years. I don't ever recall agreeing to do it, but there I was.

29: Despite being raised Catholic, I now practice a combination Catholic/Buddhist/Pagan approach to religion. Having overly-devout, near-fanatically religious parents was a HUGE factor.

30: I'm a health/wellness coach, lifestyle strategist, and global executive recruiter.

31: I have a degree in computer engineering.  I have the Iron Ring too.  Canadian engineers get those.

32: I've been a sales girl, a boutique runway model, a waitress, and a bassist for a new wave rock band.

33: According to Myers-Briggs, I'm an INFJ and a very extroverted introvert.

34: I moved out of my parents' house when I was 23.  My first apartment was in a bad neighbourhood. I'd find fresh drops of blood on the stairs just outside my suite at least once a week.

35: One of my boyfriends was as controlling as my father.  

36: One of my boyfriends was in a band that toured a lot and only came home for the weekdays... when I would be studying/working.  He couldn't understand why I would choose to do that over him.

37: I took back one boyfriend who arrogantly claimed that he never goes back to old girlfriends. Yes, I'm that irresistible. I eventually dumped him (See #39).

38That boyfriend stalked me for a few months.  After I dumped him (See #39).

39I dumped that boyfriend to date my husband. If dumping meant "just stopped calling him back".

: Interestingly enough, that last boyfriend and I are still friends.  Yes, the stalker.  Who is now happily married to the girl he dumped to get back together with me.  They have 3 children.

I met my husband in University. I avoided him for half of my first year because I thought he was a freak. Four years later, the freak was my boyfriend. 

The fact that I was hot, smart, and loved sci-fi was apparently how I won him over.

I proposed to my husband. Naked. With a watch ring.

We got married in 2000, so it would be easy for my husband to figure out how many years we were married. Now if only he could remember what year it is... right now.

: As corny as it sounds, my husband really is my best friend and the love of my life. 

It both amuses and aggravates me that the male celebrities I crush on all look somewhat like my husband.  See my pretend boyfriends Gerard Butler and Benedict Cumberbatch.  Especially Gerry.

My husband taught me to drive stick-shift after we bought our beloved burgundy Toyota Tercel. He gave me some line about "being one with the machine". I thought he was full of shit until I realized he might not be all together wrong.

: I was convinced my first born was a girl.  I was wrong.

49: I was convinced my second born was a girl.  I was right.

50: I always wished I had a big brother to protect me.  I'm so happy that my daughter has one to protect her.

: I'm a total Mama Bear.  Do not mess with my kids.  If they cry, you will cry.

52: The words guaranteed to make me cry: "I love you, Momma." Seriously. Total blubbering idiot. And they say it a lot, so I'm technically a moron now.

53: After being a hula & tahitian dancer for 30 years, I finally took the plunge in 2005 and opened my own hula halau (school) called Makana Aloha Hula Dance School & Performance Group.

54: After only 2 months of opening, I was interviewed for a "dance for fitness" article in the national fashion magazine Flare.

55: In December 2006, I closed the doors of my Hula School after only 1.5 years of operation, because I felt like I was missing too much of my children's young lives.

56: Since the school's closing, the calls for classes still consistently continued to come.  Eventually, by June 2009, it got so frustrating that I decided to change my cellphone number.

57: No matter how idyllic living in Hawai'i was, I'd be hard pressed to live in the US again.

58: I love being Canadian.

59: I love being a Filipina too.

60: My favourite colour is burgundy.

61: My favourite scents to wear are coconut and jasmine.

62: I prefer to drive standard, although my current vehicle is automatic and a minivan, which I love.

63: I love reading. My favourite genre is erotic-romance, followed closely by sci-fi and historical-romance.

64: My favourite books are Dune, The Bride, and Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Honourable mention goes to Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach. None of those are erotica.

65: I would be happy eating garlic fried rice, sashimi, and creme brulee every day for the rest of my life.

66: My favourite fruit are blueberries.

67: My favourite junk foods are Sweet Chili Heat Doritos and ginger ale.

68: If I could only have 5 tv channels, they would be Space, HGTV, FoodTV, Discovery, and any channel that will give me my current favourite show Archer.

69: My favourite tv show of all time is Newsradio. I own the DVDs for the first four seasons only because those were the shows with Phil Hartman and were the funniest. I have no plans to own any of the following seasons. The "No Bill MacNeil" seasons don't exist to me.

70: Despite my favourite show being a comedy, I'm addicted to science fiction and faithfully watched all episodes of Farscape, Stargate:Atlantis, and all Star Trek shows (except that nausea-inducing DS9) until they were canceled.

71: My favourite bands of all time are No Doubt, Depeche Mode, and The Police. Honourable mention: Duran Duran.

72: My favourite actor is not my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler.  It's Johnny Depp.

73: I love watching movies, but prefer to wait until a movie goes to Netflix before watching it... unless it has theatre-worthy special effects.

74: When watching movies at a theatre, I prefer to be by myself. So that I don't have anyone talking to me during the movie.

75: My favourite movies of all time are Monty Python & the Holy Grail, A Room with a View, and When Harry Met Sally, none of which I've ever watched in a theatre.

76: I very rarely drink alcohol, but when I do, my drink of choice is gin & tonic.

77: I prefer to drink water or green tea.

78: My favourite Starbucks drink is Refresh tea.  Very minty.

79: I hate when people drop by unannounced. If you do, you will be forced to see me in my sexy ketchup stained t-shirt and the yoga pants with the weird hole in the shin where I cut it by accident during a scissor mishap. Are you turned on yet?

80: I will never eat balut again in my entire life. Same with peanut butter.

81: I hate talking on the phone. If you call me, you will be speaking to my machine. I will then call you back and talk to *your* machine.

82: I would rather be too hot than too cold. Actually, I have a very narrow temperature range of comfort -- I will still complain (a lot) if I'm too hot.

83: The colour I dislike the most is grey, which doesn't explain why several grey pieces in my closet are my favourite.

84: I am the only filipino I know who doesn't LOVE Karaoke. There. I said it.

85: I hate the word "moist".

86: I hate rollercoasters and have repeatedly refused to ride them after a trip to Chicago's Six Flags when I was 19. I looked up and saw the rollercoaster cars airborne during a turn.

87: My biggest, most-selfish dream right now is to travel... a lot.

88: A less-selfish dream of mine is to design and build an earth-friendly, energy-efficient, minimalist home for my family on the very spot where my current house is.

89: I have horrible cougariffic crushes on Jared Padalecki, Rob Pattinson, and Joe Jonas.

90: If I hadn't married and had kids, I'd probably be living in Toronto or Vancouver. With a cat. I'd be Cat-Lady, and probably not in a hot, sexy, crime-fighting way.

91: For my first 25 years, people guessed I was East Indian, Canadian First Nations, Thai, Laotian, Malaysian, or Singaporean -- NEVER Filipina.

92: I don't find reincarnation completely unbelieveable.

93: I don't actually believe in a hell... or a heaven, either.

94: My thumbs are different. From each other.

95: I hate parting with books. I need to know that the person I'm giving the book to will treasure it like I did.

96: I know all the words to the Spiderman Theme from the 60s, and I sing it to my kids upon request, much to the amusement of the people at the mall one March afternoon.

97: I take my hot dogs and burgers with only ketchup.

98: I'm a morning person, and love getting up earlier than anyone else. The morning alone-time is the best.

99: If I could attach my laptop to my arm, I probably would.

100: No matter how much I complain about my ginormous boobs, I really love 'em and am quite proud of them.


  1. Anonymous29 July, 2009

    #29 Ditto!
    #33 Me too except I'm an extremely introverted introvert :-)
    #71 I've been a die hard Gwenie Gwen devotee since I was 15 cuz she RAWKS!
    #88 I can't wait to build my green home in a couple of years!

    I started an updated 100 list a few months ago, but it's still sitting in the drafts as I haven't gotten past forty!

  2. Do any of those six apartments include the one you rented for your cat?


  3. Wow, I tried doing that '26 things you should know about me', and gave up a 7!
    We're in town. Yay for free wifi. Will call your answering machine tomorrow :)

  4. Loved this...I feel much closer to you now :)

  5. Wow, when it rains it pours, you're cranking these out at an awesome rate! Keep it up! Please?

    27. The accepted acronym is SMAG, isn't it? I loved the finials at the top of the wrought iron fence around SMAG, they looked like pikes from a medieval castle.

    32. Do you still have your bass? What model is it? Did you buy it new or used? Where? When did you last play it? When did you last restring it, and with what brand strings? (Some people will think I'm kidding... :-)

    36. Wait, there's something seriously wrong with that. Most bands work on the weekends, i.e. that's when they're out of town. He was in some band that could never get a booking on a weekend? Or they were so popular in town that they were booked every weekend in the city? If the latter, what band was this because I'm sure I must have seen them!

    71. What's your favourite Police song? Because the best Police song ever was "On Any Other Day". 2nd best song is anything off their first album. :-)

    Depeche Mode --- are they "Just Can't Get Enough"?

    100. But not half as proud as your dear Roomie is of them... :-)

  6. #52 made me laugh and smile! I'm sure I'm going to be that way in a year or less.

    I did a 100 things list about why I love my Hubby and gave it to him as part of an anniversary gift.

    He liked it!

  7. Crap. Because now this means I have to come up with 100 things too....Sigh...I'll be poaching this one towards the end of the month - or maybe early September because I am not sure I have enough energy these days for 100 interesting and clever "need to knows."

    That said - seriously brilliant and thanks for sharing!

  8. @Kari: Can't wait to read yours!

    @Harmzie: Yes, the first one. :)

    @Su: Just 7? Did you include the one about getting "shushed" at a pub? :)

    @Princess of the Universe: Really? I didn't scare you away with this list? :)

    @Albert: I will try my best, my dear. :)
    - Actually the acro is SMA.
    - My bass is held hostage at my parents' house. It was a bought-new Yamaha BB300, purchased from Yamaha. I don't recall restringing it. Had a roadie do it for me I think. (Seriously.)
    - I'll find out the name of my ex's band. I don't recall it at the moment.
    - "Every little thing she does is magic" touches special parts of my heart.
    Re: Depeche - Ever listen to their "Some Great Reward" album? Yum.
    - He's a boob man.

    @Cyndi: And Mini-C is such a mama's girl too :)

    @Country Girl: I'll be looking forward to your 100, girlfriend!

  9. I've never done one of those lists because I don't have the patience. But then again, I could probably just go back through my archives and compile all the random "about me"-type posts that I've written over the years. I'm sure I'd have 100 things from that!

  10. I've always wanted to write one of these lists but STILL haven't. BTW - now I will think of you when I smell jasmine and coconut.

  11. @Zandria: I didn't think I'd be able to come up with 100 things. I'm sure you'd find it not so difficult once you get started. I'd love to read yours!

    @motherbumper: Do it! My coconut-and-jasmine-scented self will read it! :)

  12. You are an inspiration, I think I going to start a list too...

  13. Oh sure, end this entire 100 things by bragging about the boobs! So jealous! THis is a great idea, and I wish I had thought of it, and I may just have to give it a go myself, but I will be linking back to this, because this is truly awesome...>I can't believe you thought of a 100 things. My ADD would kick in, and I'd be up to 28, and be, "So yeah, that's a 100 things about me!"


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