plus I don't smell like BBQ sauce anymore

I don't wash my hair with baking soda and vinegar anymore.

For those saying "What the hell is she talking about?", read this. Go on. I'll wait.

Back? Okay...

Yes, I've gone poo again. As in SHAMpoo. Shampoo, conditioner, styling product -- the whole package. I started on the Saturday just before Christmas, so it's been over a month.

I'm so bummed about this because I had such wonderful results on the no-poo. And I truly tried to continue it.
Through the increasing static, the frustrating flatness, the undeniable stringy-ness, the appearance of a few too many flakes -- all of which started pretty much as soon as the mercury dropped below 0C -- I tried!

For the love of FSM,

But no matter my efforts to hang on, I just couldn't stand looking like this anymore...

Yikes! ...Because in this city, winter is just too dry, and I'm just too Filipino.

Curse you, cruel fate! To be born on a beautiful tropical island only to be dumped in the middle of the frigid, dry, mosquito-infested Canadian Prairies!

Oh, for pete's sake, I need humidity 24/7/365 or else I shrivel up. And end up looking like that.

Ugh, I look like I haven't bathed in a month! I just washed it that morning!

Anyway, after the first shampoo and conditioning, I looked like (brace yourselves) this...

Holy Big Hair, Batman! Okay, it's not as big as my 80s picture. And the picture makes it look worse than it really was. It's just really wavy. Like I'd braided my hair just after showering and went to sleep on it.

But you know, what really rocked my world were the scents!
OMG, my hair smelled so PRETTY! I'd forgotten.

So, I used -- of course -- natural haircare products:

Shampoo: Hugo Naturals French Lavender Shampoo
Conditioner: Aloe 80 Organics Daily Conditioner
Styling Product: Aveda Confixor

Then, blowdry. Scrunching. Remember "scrunching"?

Okay, fast forward 4 weeks. Now, my hair looks like this...

Sorry 'bout the faraway shot. I was sitting at my laptop at the diningroom table writing this post. Too lazy to get up.

So, my hair doesn't feel as light and fluffy anymore, as it did during the baking-soda/vinegar days, but the lack of static, the moisture, the bounce, and the pretty flowery scent make up for it.

For now.

Hair guinea pig, out!


  1. The no-poo photo actually just looks like you woke up still drunk from the night before. :-)

    Glad the bounce is back in your hair.

    If you are re-embracing shampoo does that mean you'll reintroduce other modern conveniences in your household? We're still waiting to hear about what happened when you banned toilet paper because of the impact on the environment! Didn't you promise a post on that?

  2. @Albert:
    Oh, dear Albert, can you imagine if I actually tried to ban TP in this house?! LOL
    I don't think I would be allowed to go that green! :)

  3. Well, I admire the heck out of you for trying - even if it did make you smell like Ye Olde Chip Truck.

    (I'm guessing that you would smell like this, btw. I've not been wandering around sniffing people's hair for comparison. I promise.)

  4. @wyliekat:
    Really? Are you sure? Coz I was in your neck of the woods last week and I heard someone shout, "No, you may not sniff my head!!!"
    LOL - just kidding ;)

  5. I was just reading this again, and should admit I've been breaking a couple of the no-poo commandments.

    1. I've been blow-drying my hair. I tried to go without. In the summer it got fairly curly, but looked like crap.
    2. I've been using some product - a little gel before I dry it. Otherwise it just goes too flat.

    But I'm still without shampoo or conditioner. meh, but I'd probably be kicked out of the club - is there a club?


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