A Big Bag o' Trouble...

... and in the immortal words of The Tick: "That's Trouble with a capital TROUB!"

Look at me, carrying my luggage -- my big bag of life's essentials plus a whole bunch of other junk that fell into the black hole that is my bag, and, I swear, went into hiding.

I love this thing. It's stylish, casual, and fake leather. $39 at Smart Set in St.Vital. I just sling it over my shoulders across my chest, and I'm fully-equipped yet hands-free. It's awesome.

But why the big bag? Where is that small swing purse I swore I'd use as soon as both kids were potty-trained and I was diaper-gear-free?

Ah, my small swing purse. I remember getting it so many years ago, when I finally accepted that I couldn't carry everything in my pockets without looking like a complete moron.
But it's okay. Back then, I didn't need much. Just my wallet, lipstick, keys, paperback novel, and gum.

Now, I guess I need more. I have a big bag -- so I must NEED MORE stuff to carry around... right? RIGHT?!!! (scroll down for the list)

1: paperback novel (Julie Garwood's The Wedding -- a fun book I like to keep in the bag for emergency reading situations)
2: Global Mind shopping bag - which folds down really tiny to almost nothing
3: big notebook - daily To-Dos and blog ideas
4: small notebook - because I'd forgotten it was in here
5: cellphone - my Razr which I LOVE
6: mp3 player
7: 2 tissue packets
8: 2 pairs of gloves
9: 3 pens
10: sunglasses
11: pack of gum - Spermint Xylichew
12: deck of cards - for "Go Fish" when the kids get bored or a quick game of Solitare
13: hairclip
14: lipstick - Aveda CocoPlum liptint
15: perfume sample papers from Fruits & Passions
16: 3 toothbrushes, 1 special bridge brush, 5 packs of floss threaders, and 2 sample flosses -- from my dental appointment yesterday.

And this doesn't even include the emergency first aid kit I grab when I have the kids with me. Sigh.

Oh yeah, I shamelessly copied Ali, when I did this. She's funny. I like her. I want to be her. Except with only 2 kids. That *never* barf.


  1. I decided to "go big" (if I had made it "go big or go home, I might have made a career-limiting move) because I wanted to be able to stuff a file or report into my bag throughout the day instead of carrying two bags.

    As I'm rushing off to some meeting or another, I often grab a pencil "just to be sure". One day when I couldn't find one *anywhere*, I decided to check my bag and pulled out seven pencils and four pens...

    You are brave. I would be very afraid to do this.

  2. All good things to keep on hand! I was just thinking I hadn't done a 'what's in my bag' post in a couple years. After readying yours I think I may have to give it a go!

  3. Ah, that's not bad, even if some of the stuff isn't what I'd carry around. Last spring I just replaced my 16-year old MEC courier bag because the interior waterproof lining was shedding and leaving gunk all over everything. I shopped around everywhere, online and in person, and the best replacement I could find was... the MEC courier bag.

    The old one had been around the world with me -- London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels, Moscow, Siberia, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, Los Angeles, San Francisco (how did you come? Did you drive, or did you flew?), New York (it was the *only* luggage I took for a 2-night stay there --- that and a camera bag), North Carolina, Florida, Toronto, Montreal, the tri-city area of Carman/Morden/Winkler ... get the picture? :-) I think I got my money's worth out of it.

    What's in it depends on the season.
    Sometimes, my (used to be) waterproof jacket. Sometimes, a catcher's mask, ball glove, and protective cup (so maybe you don't want to go snooping in there :-). I always carry my little notebook that I used to use to record odd sightings, but I don't sight as many oddities now that I'm off the bus, so I don't know why I still carry it. Usually, my lunch (work days -- good thing I keep the protective cup in it's own bag, otherwise I'd be grossing even myself out) and sometimes notebooks (when work comes home). My Harvard planner, which is more valuable to me than a cell phone ('cause I don't have one o' them!).
    Usually a band-aid or two, some miscellaneous receipts that never made it to the garbage, and maybe a half-consumed pack of Halls or a few Fishermen's Friends that have got lost in the bottom. Winter gloves and sunglasses (although the latter are rarely required in my locale, I like to kid myself I look really smooth when I wear a style that was probably already unfashionable when I bought them a lifetime ago).

    Anyone catch the song lyrics snuck in there? Myrtle? Harmzie? Up to the challenge?

  4. Was it "my 16-year old MEC courier bag" by the Tragically Hip? Or "a few Fishermen's Friends" by the Irish Rovers?


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