My Natural Hair: The Continuing Saga

I'm still loving the No Shampoo thing. I think I'm totally hooked.

But I've had to make some changes after a couple of weeks.

You see, when dry, my hair felt soft and full, but in the shower, it felt... greasy, like I wasn't getting it clean enough. Water doesn't move grease, and I felt like I was wearing a wet helmet.

So, I stopped using my conditioner. Didn't help.

Determined not to reach for shampoo again, I once again turned to Sarah's no-poo saga. I also found some great information at Babs' Babyslime, who also gives great solutions to specific no-poo problems, such as dandruff, dry hair, etc.

So, armed with some new info, I hopped in the shower with a tablespoon of baking soda in 1 cup of water and another cup with a tablespoon of lemon juice in 1 cup of water.

Feeling doubtful and more than a little dopey, I poured the baking soda mixture on my head and massaged. Lo and behold, the grease washed away! It was all gone leaving light clean hair. I then rinsed it out with water.
Next, I poured the diluted lemon juice on my hair as a conditioner. It felt really good on my scalp. I combed it through then rinsed.
I let my hair air dry.

Conclusion? Well, the photo speaks for itself. My hair looks good and feels good. Very shiny. The waves are nice and full.
I think I'll be doing the baking soda/lemon juice thing once a week or every 2 weeks. Or maybe just when it needs it.

Have any of you tried the no-poo thing yet? How'd it go? Let me know!


  1. I've been going no-poo for about 3 weeks now, with a baking soda wash about every 5-6 days. It's made the transition much easier. I'm hoping as my hair gets used to this, I can slowly move the baking soda out to once every couple of weeks.

    My sister is back on the no-poo as well. She'd tried it years ago, but could never get past that greasy transition time. Baking soda definitely helps.

    I haven't tried lemon juice yet (or apple cider vinegar), but my hair seems ok with any 'conditioner'.

    How does my hair look? It seems to be a bit wavier, but it's summer, and the humidity always changes my hair a bit. We'll see how it looks when we hit the dry winter months.

  2. Hi Nenette :) Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! What a great commercial for no poo. If you hang around my blog too much longer I'll convince you to go facial-product-free also. Haha!

  3. @myrtle -
    that is so great! can't wait to see it :)
    yeah, the baking soda is so helpful... I wish I hadn't waited so long to try it.

    @Sarah -
    Thanks! I'm already pretty close to facial-product-free. I'm down to just moisturizer, mascara, and liptint, and I'm doubtful I'll ever get rid of those! :)

  4. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!

    I still haven't tried it but who knows... maybe soon. :P I rest easy in the fact that I know I can refer to this blog post when I need a push!

  5. Well, I lasted until today... went for a haircut and couldn't bring myself to tell the hairdresser to not wash my hair. Wasn't prepared to answer her questions.

    If I was still going to my old hairdresser, I would have told her no problem. But she's teaching now. Don't know the new woman well enough yet - and not sure I will. She's ok, but I'm not sure I'll stay with her. The salon is convenient though.

    ANYway... I'm definitely used to how my hair feels no-poo. It feels wrong now. Hope it won't take long to get back to how it was.

    Maybe next time I'll go to a singleton's type place, where they don't wash your hair unless you specifically ask for it. Much cheaper cuts too.

  6. @toni -
    thanks! :)
    it's not for everyone, but I highly recommend it. It's low maintenance and my hair has never been better.

    @myrtle -
    oh no!... that's terrible! usually if you come into the salon with wet hair, they'll assume you've already washed it and just re-wet it for the cut. I hope it bounces back.

    I'm a little afraid that's what's going to happen with me too when I finally see Jane. She sometimes gives her clients a scalp massage when conditioning, and I really look forward to that... oh well...

  7. Love your post and LOVE your hair. Are you still no poo? I just started my no poo routine and Im four days in. Its great so far but I TOTALLLYYYY get what youre saying about the grimy feeling in the shower and the soft feeling after hair is dry. Havent tried the baking soda thing yet.. so far Ive just been using conditioner.


  8. @Anonymous: Yes, I'm still no-poo! Although every winter, I have to do conditioner because our winters are so dry. The conditioner is great for cutting the grease, so I'd stick to that instead of doing the baking soda on a regular basis. The baking soda once a month, or every 2 months, would be a good thing to do if you feel you have too much build-up though. But be careful because it really does a good job cleaning, and you'll be surprised at how light your hair feels... like it's missing some oils. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.
    Thank you so much for the compliments! I blush :)

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  10. Hey Nenette, thank you for posting this info. Here is my story so is only 30 mins old regarding this story :-)

    I just tried this method for the first time after swimming about 30 mins ago. I normally have to use a lot of conditioner to comb out knots and I really was a bit skeptical as to whether this method would work for me, but wanted to give it my best shot as I would prefer to stay away from as many of these products as possible. Now, remember the article says that it may take a few weeks to detox one's system and all that...but I have to is amazing. After the baking soda and water applied to clean my hair, I applied the mixture of warm water and apple cider vinegar and right away I could comb through my hair. My hair smells amazing and feels so fresh. I cannot get over it and so far, few weeks or not of having to wait it looks even better than normal and I would have to say honestly that my hair usually is pretty awesome, so this is really great :-)

    Maybe, I see such a difference already as I don't use anything on my hair except Marrakesh Oil and I rarely ever used product all my life, except for at the hairdresser. I cannot describe how much different I is incredible.

    Thanks again


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