Ways I've Spent Money to Save Money... and look GOOD!

I will be 38 on Monday, November 5. And I'm happy to say I don't look it. In fact, I've been asked for ID countless times, which always gives me a little bit of a giggle and an ego-boost.

Is it all in the genes? A good deal is, but not entirely. As for the rest, no, I haven't made a deal with the devil, taken some weird placental-lining based concoction, nor do I apply make-up with a trowel. In fact, if you've read what's in my makeup case, you'll know I don't put on much.

No, I don't think it's necessary to spend a fortune to look good. But I'm not cheap either. I do think you have to spend big money on some things, so that you can save on other things. Not sure what I mean? Okay, let me show you how I do it...

Great skin means less makeup. Really, why do we use makeup anyway? To showcase good features and cover up bad ones, right? If your skin is a good feature, would you really want to slather on the makeup to hide it?!
For great skin, I scrub with water and a nice thick soft wash cloth. No cleanser for me because it strips my skin too much. Then I put on good quality moisturizer. I currently love Olay Total Effects, which is also the least expensive I've used. I'm always changing my moisturizer, but I'll never go too cheap with it. Thanks to this regimen, I have very few wrinkles, blemishes, and discolourations.
With a great canvas, I can make my eyes stand out with just drugstore brow gel and mascara on curled lashes. No eyeshadow required. Then I slick on lip colour (okay, I splurge a little on this because I love the smell and taste of Aveda lip stuff). And I look like I've spent a fortune on my face! (Sorry, JD, still no blush!)

A great haircut means less styling time and product. This is SO true. So, when you find a good hair stylist, NEVER let that person go! Some are lucky and find their dream stylist at Magic Cuts or some other economy salon. Most are likely to find theirs at an upscale salon that hires only well-educated and much-experienced stylists, which means $$$. But that's okay... Believe me, they're worth it.
No one else will touch my hair except my stylist Jane... okay, so she's expensive, but she always gives me haircuts that ALWAYS elicit unsolicited compliments.
Jane was the one who told me that with a great haircut - one that suits your hair texture and thickness - you won't need a lot of product to make it go where you want it to go. And this also cuts down styling time resulting in virtually wash-n-go hair.
Well, she was right. I just wash with an inexpensive grocery brand, and just before drying, I slick a very small amount of Aveda Confixor (because it just smells so good!) through my hair. When my hair is almost all dry, I twist it up into a scrunchie to boost my natural wave. Perfect.

Don't pay for expensive drop-in rates... register for the whole yoga session! This works 2 ways: you get fit faster because you're going to each class, and you're motivated to go to each class because you've paid for it all ready. So, you save by getting more classes, by staying healthy (don't miss work and save on doctor's bills), and by keeping your skinny clothes. This worked for me!

Get a pedicure for a whole summer of nice feet. I always get a professional spa pedicure in the late spring, and it usually lasts for the whole summer... Although summers here in the Canadian Prairies are short, so that's not such an impossibility. By getting it done by an experienced professional aesthetician, it gets done thoroughly and properly, saving time and money. And it really does last longer than if I did it myself. And that means, more beach time for me!

So, what are your "Spend Money to Save Money" ideas?


  1. Happy Birthday, Nenette, a day in advance.

  2. Thanks for the greetings, friends! It's been a great day so far. :)


  3. Happy Birthday!

    How about a birthday lunch/coffee/whatever sometime this week or early next?


  4. Thanks, Myrtle! :)

    I'm good for coffee or something! I'll send you an email!


  5. I found your blog through the link you left on Fit Candy (music playlists; I posted mine here), and I stuck around to read a few more posts. I think it's awesome that you put an effort into taking care of yourself. Obviously it's paying off! :)