about me & this place.

Hi! My name is Nenette AM, but you can call me Nen. I'm a Canada-raised Filipina, mum, wife, lifestyle blogger, former hula instructor, and recovering engineer.

I love sci-fi, assorted sashimi, and soft hula sarongs. I loathe mosquitoes, -30C windchill, and the word "moist".

Want to know more? Here are 100 things.

I write...
  • about life, food, design, eco-awareness, music, natural beauty, healthy living, celebrity stalking, and the occasional smattering of math to demonstrate that I'm more than just a mom -- while I talk about how adorable and funny my kids are.
  • about all the sweet and wonderful things I've been doing to make my life better, stronger, faster. (Cue the Six Million Dollar Man theme.)
  • to share stories of drunken debauchery innocent fun my funky girlfriends and I occasionally enjoy.
  • to let my friends and family know that I'm still alive, and that I haven't eaten my children or left my husband for my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler.
... and so much more!!!

I try to write almost everyday, but if I miss a day or two, it's because I think you need to do some work, read a book, or maybe go to the bathroom. But, mostly because of, you know, the whole 'Busy Mom' thing.

So, anyways, welcome to my little online home. Comment and/or email me -- I love getting both.


the mob.

Roomie: (b. 1967) husband, roommate, love of my life, father of my children, cute Northern-European, brilliant scientist-guy
Lam: (b. 2002) son, clever brainiac, social butterfly, list-guy, gadget-fanatic, gamer, chocoholic, "LAM" are his initials
Mini: (b. 2004) daughter, "Mini-Me" only cuter and a little more Brit/Scot/Austrian/Dutch, artist, strawberry fanatic, dancer, collector of things fuzzy and stuffed
Mittens: (b. 2008) girlie cat, brown/black tabby, Mini's baby, loves peas & Roomie

other places I'm featured.

The Inside Scoop on Sweet, Sassy n' Sexy Nenette
- My friend and mom-of-4 Sareli Deraj interviews me on her blog SareliDerajBlog.

Shall We Dance?: Hula Dancing
- Carly Baillie interviews me as Director of the Makana Aloha Hula school for Flare Magazine.

Powerful Beauty with Nenette of LifeCandy
- My small contribution to the Powerful Beauty feature on my online buddy Jami's blog, Bionic Beauty.

the fine print.

I write a lot about my health and fitness journey. I also do A LOT of research - however, my background is in software design/engineering, not medicine. So, please be sure to see your health care professional before you try anything I'm trying for myself.

I also apologize for any overuse of the word "really".


Without these people, my blog would look entirely different...
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