My Pictures...Finally...

Warren suggested I post Before-After pictures... so here they are!

It was tough finding pictures because I'm the shutterbug of the family with my wee ones as as the subjects... but I managed to find a couple with the camera turned to me... :)

Oh, and I included a picture of me at 18 from 1987... just in case you needed a laugh!


This was taken in July 2005 at a friend's son's birthday party. I may have been looking at the birthday cake. LOL!
I have my daughter on me in her beloved sling.


Taken one year later in July 2006 on my couch with, once again, my daughter draped over me. LOL
I'm about 10 pounds lighter here than I was the previous year.

And here I am at the tender age of 18 in 1987. I kept the hairspray companies in business back then!

Okay, let the mocking begin...


  1. Ok. That hair is CRACKING ME UP! Of course, if I could have gotten my hair to be that big back in '87 I would have - unfortunately, my hair wouldn't do that no matter how much product I applied :-).

    Good to have a face to place with the name.


  2. Hi Nennette
    Hairspray, the Broadway show, is still playing around the country. Who knows, there could be a part for you! With your dancing background you're a perfect shoe-in!

  3. Hello again! I just found your new blog through your CRCOMMUNITY posting. Those photos are great. We should all do it just for the giggles. :-) I did the whole hairspray thing in the late eighties too.

  4. are beautiful! What lovely photos. You are very brave to post an '87 photo. I've got one from a trip to London in '88 with my then boyfriend (now hubby) that is hysterical. Luckily, my hubby chose to ignore my hair indiscretions!

    Thank you for putting such a beautiful face to the name and story. It's so nice to see you finally.


  5. Hi Nenette,

    You really are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pictures.
    As for the hair...well, we all went a little nuts with the hairspray back in the '80's, didn't we?



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