Britney Spears vs. Charitable Organization

Britney's newest fragrance "Believe" is coming out in October with a logo that looks... uh... ripped off!

The charitable organization, mondonation, has been using the logo since 1995 for their "I Believe" shirts that have affected many people's lives and raised a lot of money for good. Check out their website, and you'll see.

Now, it appears that someone at Elizabeth Arden, the makers of Britney's perfume, neglected to do the research to confirm that the logo was already taken.
Or maybe someone did do the research, found mondonation, shrugged, said "oh well", and used the logo anyway thinking that mondonation would do nothing or say nothing, and if they did, EA could make them go away.
But I'd like to think that the world is full of nice people and wouldn't do that.
Some say naive, some say optimistic - I prefer the latter. :)

Despite the slight difference in font, and the addition of Brit's name on top, they are the same. Art designers and graphic artists have concurred on the similarity.

Any way you look at it, this is just not a good thing for both Brit or mondonation...

- mondonation, their brand, and their efforts to do good could be irreversibly damaged by this. People who don't like Britney Spears and her current less-than-fragrant image thanks to her recent actions will avoid anything even remotely similar to her merchandise. Would you like to be a walking billboard for Britney stuff?

- Britney just can't afford yet another PR blunder. Britney Spears takes down Charity just doesn't sound good. She's trying to restart her career, and this won't boost her popularity in any positive way whatsoever. Besides, she's already doing things to ruin her formerly good name all on her own... she doesn't need her perfume manufacturer adding to it.

EA needs to rectify this situation as quickly and as cleanly as possible by pulling the fragrance and taking care of any damage done to mondonation.

But will they?
Maybe if they were forced to, and you can help!

Show your support by writing to EA and telling them that they've stolen another company's brand and should make it right. You can get the Elizabeth Arden email address and view the logos at Darius' website at:

And you should check out mondo's website! It's really cool!!!


  1. That's an embarrassment for all involved. It is so blatant. mondonation needs to file a copyright infringement against EA to stop the branding. Unless, mondonation did not trademark their shirt, it' not a huge design idea anyway, it's nice but not "priceless" then it could just be a usage issue..(like we were there first) but free for the taking. Sticky mess is what it is. Whoever came up with it for EA most certainly was influenced by the T-shirts. No self respecting designer would ever do that..The branding for the perfume must not have had their full attention and priority..(IMHO)

  2. Hi Nenette
    I would listen to Deborah, since she's worked in advertising. This is a problem that happens in my work too. We architects are inspired by the works of others. We can do things "in the style of" someone else but not copy outright, unless we give credit for the source of inspiration. One famous firm won an award for a home design. When it got published, someone posted a picture of a house designed many years earlier by a famous architect, of which the new house was almost an identical copy. Oops. What followed was a lot of publicity to mention that the design of the new house was intented to honor and make allusion to the historical architect's work. We'll see how the public relations works out for EA. Maybe they'll give a big contribution to Mondonation.