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Hey there, gorgeousnesses!  Welcome  :)  I'm so happy you're here!  Since you're new, give me your hand, and I'll show you around the place.  You can trust me.  Really.

Now, you came here for a reason, so let me direct you to where you would like to be...

1:  I've moved... to Nenette In The Sarong
I'm keeping this blog up and running, but for new stuff, please head over to my new blog at

2:  You typed up a few words like "no shampoo" or "freebie list" or "bill campbell" (yeah, I don't know), and Google brought you here.
Now, before you say, "WTF, Google?!", read on.  You may end up saying "OMG, thank you so much, Google, for directing me here.  This blog has changed my life!"  You never know.
Here's a taste of some of my favourite posts...

3: You heard that I'm a brilliant storyteller, so you came here to see what all the fuss is about.
Here's a list of kick ass categories I've split the blog posts into.

BLOGGING:  I participate in some blogging events, special posts, some of which start from Twitter or because I've stolen memes from my blogging friends.  It's okay -- they do it to me too.  This list also includes all the crazy ass sh*t I do to my blog layout because I'm still an enginerd deep, deep down.  Really deep down.

FAMILY MATTERS:  My family is hilarious.  The posts will explain it all.  Positive topics only.  I only write about the light side of parenting.  Not saying it's all rainbows and unicorns -- just want to keep those heavier moments private.

FITNESS:  I'm always on a mission to stay hot and saucy well into my 50s.  Must be working as I'm mistaken for my 20s-30s.  I'm an Isagenix girl, so this makes a big difference.  I do my research, and try to cut out much of the bull crap.  Read this to benefit from all the times I've screwed up and eventually learned my pearls of wisdom.

GIRL TALK:  I talk about boys.  Cute ones.  My boyfriend I live with.  As well the pretend boyfriends.  And gossip, I talk about gossip.  Boys probably talk about this stuff too -- they just won't admit it.  They probably also like boy bands.

MIX TAPE:  I like music.  I like having a soundtrack for every eventuality.  This is a work in progress.

STYLE:  I'm constantly changing... my makeup, my wardrobe, my house.  I'm always trying to find the better stuff.  I document that here.

TOP 5 LISTS:  This is a big thing around these parts.  Every 5th day of the 5th month of the year, I make a list of my pretend boyfriends, and everyone chimes in with theirs.  You can find the action in the comments section in first couple of years and in later years on our Facebook page at

If, after all of this, you've decided that you want to BFFs, or maybe you just think I'm nice, head on over to my Contact page, and we can do that follow/friend thing.  Or leave me your email so you find out when I post.  That would be so cool!

Again, thank you so much for visiting!  I'm so glad you're here!