Hey there gorgeousness,

Let me direct you to where you need to be.  Just think of me as a tour guide or an air traffic controller.  Oh wait, no, a flight attendant!  Yah, like one of those super smart, sexy 007 flight attendants.  A Bond girl spy!  She has a knife that she keeps strapped to her thigh, she knows how to use a crossbow, and she has a PhD.  Yeah, pretend I'm her!

Ahem, okay, so give me your hand, and I'll show you around the place.  You can trust me.

Here at LifeCandy, I navigate through the everyday of an almost-50yo, a "mom of teens", the budding adulthood of my offspring, my reaction to their choices, my evolving relationship with their father, and all the choices and questionable options that women of my chronological maturity have for graceful, youthful aging (omg...). 

On top of all that, life is STUPID BUSY.  I have the crazy family schedule. I work my business 24/7 sometimes. I've been surrounded by too many things, commitments, ideas, and even people. I've had to resort to crap food for dinner, unhealthy habits for expedience, unhealthy products for convenience, and made damaging sacrifices along the way.

Here is where I try to turn things around, and you get the live(-ish) version of it all. Yay!

Okay, let's dive right in...

These blog posts are among my favourites.  They are an example of how I've attempted to improve my life over the years.  Other posts are examples of how I take pleasure in the little things.  The rest is crazy stuff that I hope will make you laugh and give you a glimpse into my daily life.

My Makeup Lingerie | Coconut Natural Deodorant | My Natural Hair: The Continuing Saga | Plus I Don't Smell Like BBQ Sauce Anymore | The Saga Continues: First Cut

How I Created A Tropical Style Garden on the Canadian Prairie | Bathroom: Before & After | The Fridge Hates Me And The Toaster Is Laughing At Me | Demise of the Heinous Lamp | Family Room: Before & After

FAMILY MATTERS (Primarily for Entertainment Purposes):
Underneath the Cat-mas Tree | Consequences of Being Powerfree | Miss Crafty Strikes Again | A Simple Misunderstanding | He's Wrapped Around Her Finger

How I Burn Fat in 4 Minutes | "It's Like Being in a Swamp; You Gotta Get Out of That Place" | Rebuilding the Temple | 5 Reasons Why Hula Dance is Fabulous for Fitness

Better with Bananas in the Sauce | Recipe: Crispy Kale | Recipe: Oven Roasted Broccoli | Recipe: Hawaiian Ambrosia 

New Fave Leggings: Svelte Review | My 8 Fall Fashion Favourites | A Big Bag 'O Trouble

If, after all of this, you've decided that you want to BFFs, or maybe you just think I'm nice, head on over to my Contact page, and we can do that follow/friend thing.  Or leave me your email so you find out when I post.  That would be so cool!

Again, thank you so much for visiting!  I'm so glad you're here!


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