15 Movies in 15 Minutes.

Here are the rules:
Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen movies you’ve seen that will always stick with you.

They don’t have to be the greatest movies you’ve ever seen, just the ones that stick with you.

First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Copy these instructions and tag 15 (or more) friends, including me – because I'm interested in seeing what movies are in your head.

Okay, here's mine...
1:   Pride and Prejudice (2005)  
-  Matthew Macfadyen striding purposefully across the field in his long coat and boots or Colin Firth as he comes dripping out of the lake.  Um.
2:   The Avengers 
-  I love hot kickass team work.  And Tom Higgleston isn't too hard on the eyes either.  But I'm a sucker for dude with a bow and arrow.  I want to learn how to do that too.
3:   A Room with a View 
-  This is just a beautiful movie.  Visually.  It was long, but not boring.
4:   Dirty Dancing
-  Patrick Swayze dancing.  
5:  Grease 2
-  Okay, guilty pleasure.  I can sing to every single song.  I'm not even a little embarrassed. 
6:  Monty Python and the Holy Grail
-  I love all of their movies but this is my favourite.  They just looked like they were having so much fun!
7:  Serenity
-  I've always love Firefly.  And Captain Mal was yum.
8:  Star Trek 2009
-  The best reboot.  EVER.  My favourite scene was at the end, when out of nowhere Sulu brings in the Enterprise to save the day.  Totally amazing!
9:  Pitch Perfect
-  Yes, I watch the finale over and over and over.  Didn't you?  Oh, it was just me?  Ok.
10:  Raiders of the Lost Ark
-  I'm in love with Harrison Ford.  And I'm a sucker for ancient history.  And miracle biblical stuff.  That whip was pretty kickass too.
11:  Magic Mike
-  Okay, yes, let's address the first thing:  they are all hot.  Especially my Joe.  Channing Tatum is a phenomenal dancer.  And it was a funny movie.  I laughed my way through the whole bloody thing!  And NO. ONE. ELSE. DID.  Did they think it was a serious drama?!  Seriously?!  I'm sorry but I take no movie with a penis pump seriously!
12:  Princess Bride
-  "Mawwiage is what bwings us togeva today..."  
13:  When Harry Met Sally
-  They had me at Sheldon.  
14:  Guardians of the Galaxy
-  Chris Pratt.  He was so cute and funny.  And the movie was such a joy ride.
15:  The Matrix
-  Too cool to describe.  Therefore, I will leave you with the finale to Pitch Perfect.  Go ahead and watch it over and over.  Go on!  I dare ya!

Who do I tag? All of you. How's that?! I can't just pick 15. Go on. Do it. And let me know in the comments if you want so I can see it too!


  1. Some of my faves are: 1. Dirty Dancing (the original) 2. The Replacements (Keanu version) 3.Tango & Cash 4. Overboard 5.Total Recall (with Arnold) 6. Legend (with Tom) 7. The 13th Warrior 8.Demolition Man 9.True Lies 10. A Time to Kill 11.The Last Crusade (Indiana Jones) 12. Hotel Transylvania (animated) 13. The Lake House 14. Bram Stokers Dracula (Gary Oldman) 15. Constantine. I swear I don't have a crush on Keanu, it is just a co-inky-dink he is in so many of the movies, LOL!

  2. @Alicia: Goodness, I LOVED Legend!!! Love your choices, my friend! :)

  3. I know, I'm late to the party (ya know, Flip-Style! hehehe!) so here I go: (in no particular order)
    1. Pride and Prejudice - Matthew MacFadyen... HELLOOOOOOO!
    2. Julie & Julia - um....Food, France, Blogging, that's living the dream!
    3. Joy Luck Club - too many of my friends and I can related to the daughters. We need to write our own book.
    4. Twilight - guilty pleasure... Team Edward!
    5. Star Wars - duh!
    6. Spaceballs - too many awesome quotes here. "When will then be now?"
    7. Star Trek: Into Darkness - Chris Pine AND Benedict Cumberbatch.....*swoon*
    8. Princess Diaries - no explanation, just like it.
    9. The Parent Trap (1998) - yes, Lindsay Lohan was adorable and fun to watch her act on screen.
    10. The Italian Job (2003) - Philly represent! :) And Mini Coopers too!
    11. Keeping The Faith - so a rabbi and priest are best friends...
    12. Zoolander - did anyone else scream aloud when David Bowie came on screen?
    13. Taken - Liam Neeson kicks ass!...'nuff said
    14. Selena - tragic, but love her!
    15. Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Spy - Gary Oldman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy!

    Whew! That was good... now I need to watch some movies. But oh, which one to watch? Hehehe!


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