45 and 9 days.

In case you're wondering, no, I haven't done the photoshoot... YET.

I came down with a 24hr flu on the Sunday before my birthday, then spent the rest of the week resting.  One of my 2014 commandments is to care for myself better, so I did.  I rescheduled the shoot to February -- Khammy's booked solid and can't take me until then!

Meanwhile, I'll be doing my "after" pics for this round of the Isabody Challenge this weekend, so you'll still get an idea of my progress when I post those here.

Putting on and holding on to muscle has always been an issue for me, so I was afraid that the week of inactivity would take me back to the beginning: no muscle, just fat and sadness.  Then I looked in the mirror, and although I could cut some more, my waist was still cinched.  All in all, better than I thought!

Oi! I will kick Ahnold's ass!

Despite the last remnants of sniffles, I still celebrated my birthday!  It was probably the best one I've had yet.  Very relaxed and very content.

The morning was some awesome "Me Time".  I turned down some coffee invites to relish some alone time where I don't have to do work, and I am free to watch Netflix documentaries... like this one.

The afternoon/evening was a relaxed and lovely time with my sweet husband and beautiful babies.  I then went to dance class, and then went out for drinks and nibbles at Earl's on Main with Myrtle, Chelsea, and the rest of my girls.  As usual, I was LOVING EVERYONE by the end of the night thanks to Myrtle and Jodi and the 2 Bellinis they gifted me with that night!

The next day, I went for lunch with my bfff, RMF.

All in all, an awesome celebration!  Do I feel 45?  Well, what does 45 feel like?  Awesome, sexy, and ready to take over the world?  Then yeah, I feel it, and it feels good.  ;)

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