we're ready, big guy! bring it on!

It's still only Fall, and the world outside my door already looks like this...

So, it didn't feel that odd to put up The Tree.  Besides, it's not like I'm putting it up while it's still +30C outside and I'm wearing a bikini.  Which Roomie wouldn't complain about.  Mainly because of the bikini.

Ahem, anyway, you see, this weekend was the Santa Claus Parade in our wee little town, which is our cue to make the house Santa-friendly.  It's our tradition.  

The kids take turns putting up the star.  Of course, I couldn't remember which one did it last year, so I had to  check out the cat's guest post from last year's tree trimming.  Thank goodness Mittens documented it!

In panda hat and ballet duds, it's Mini Muffin's turn!
Roomie's just trying not to collapse -- he was still feeling ill in this pic.
Lucky for Lam, I decided to start a new tradition.  The one who doesn't do the star puts up the wreath.  And there was joy all around!

Wow, dude needs a haircut!
Some find this early.  If you live in the Philippines, it actually would be considered late.  Andy Williams singing "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" can be heard in all corners of various malls as early as September.  And they don't even get snow.  Yes, I come from a very weird and wonderful people.
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