monday after spring break surprise. an award. for me.

04 April 2012

I miss my kids.  Or at least I did the first 10 minutes after they left for school with Roomie.  Then, for the first time in 9 days, I heard it.  Or rather I heard NOTHING.  Yes, folks...

Silence.  Sweet, delicious silence.

I could hear myself think.  I could finish a thought.  I could read my email without being interrupted, telling a child to keep it down, or stop an argument over which tv show should be watched.

And OMG, I realized I was ALONE!  I could do naked cartwheels in my livingroom again!!!  Okay, I lied.  I can't do a single cartwheel to save my life.

Then, BAM!  I found out that I won this lovely Sunshine Award...

Holy Geez!  Will the surprises never cease?!  Good grief, I hope not!!!

Thank you SO MUCH to my fellow bloggy girl Cham at eat ur banana for giving me this awesome award.
I don't get many of these anymore, so I love it when I do.  And I'm such a lucky girl to get one from my lovely fellow Filipina friend!

Okay, my duties associated with this honour are as follows...
  • Post 7-10 Things About Yourself.
  • Choose and Tag 7 Other People/ Awardees!
  • Go to Their Blogs and Tell Them You Tagged Them.
  • Have Fun!

Hmmm... what 7-10 things have I not told you about myself?  Well...

1:  I put my hair up in a bun with a scrunchy when I go to bed at night.  My hair is very wavy, and this way, my hair doesn't bug me in the middle of the night, and I wake up with bouncy, wavy hair.  I just run my fingers through it in the morning, and I'm done.  It's perfect because I'm lazy low-maintenance.

2:  I love burning candles.  Especially Canadian-made honey beeswax candles by Honey Candles®.  Makes my house smell nice.

3:  I'm going to my 25th year high school reunion this September.  I can't wait to see all my old girls (I went to an all-girls high school), my favourite teachers, and my old stomping grounds.  I wish I could be exciting and say I was a rebel back then, but I wasn't.

4:  I have to take dance class next year because I've already bought the dance shoes.  I told you I'm all backward-y.

5:  After 5 years and fearing that the hole had closed up, I'm once again wearing a second earring in my left earlobe.  The hole didn't close after all.  I'm also wearing my earcuff again.  I may not be a rebel, but I look like one... at the tender age of 42.

6:  I watched The Hunger Games, and of course, I loved it!  (Update April 4, 2012: I loved it so much, I watched it again.  Today.)  Aside from a couple of scenes from the book I believe they shouldn't have left out in the movie, it captured the feeling and mood of the book perfectly.  My favourite character:  Cinna.

7:  At one time in my life, I had braces, glasses, and a perm ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  Please.  Stop drooling over that sexy image.  sigh.  Needless to say, I didn't get many dates that year.  Especially since I went to an all-girls school.  And didn't know any boys.

Okay, this award goes to...

Toni at Wifely Steps
Adam at
Loukia at Lou Lou's Views
Haley-O at Cheaty Monkey
Harmzie at Harmzie's Way

These are my oldies with whom I've been hangin' since I started blogging in '07.  I wonder if they've gotten any of these awards lately.  Well, they have one now!

Thanks again, Cham, for the lovely award!  You rock!

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Tawny said...

Ha! I love these types of blog posts. I learn so much about people. Like... I'm not the only one who wears my hair in a scrunchy at night. You're totally right about the no-maintenance when you wake up. And I always feel like those thick waves might actually strangle me in my sleep (when I had long hair that is). Gah!

And you're going to have to blog about that reunion when it happens. That should make for some very entertaining posts :)

cham said...

Oooh, you're done! Yey! You're welcome...
Everyone's getting crazy about The Hunger Games and maybe I should read up the book too. Too lazy (and kuripot!) to go to the movies...

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