cleanse days 8-9: game changer.

11 January 2012

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I've joined a support group.  No, not because of my various unusual tendencies that you've all read about here and questioned my sanity about.  (Sorry for the danglies.  I'm too mellow to be grammatically correct today.)

Upon Sly's urging, I've join the 6-week Game Changer.  It's a 6-week challenge where new and veteran Isagenix cleansers (cleansers.. yeah, that sounds weird) support and chat with each other on Facebook, and get great advice from our coaches, who are also cleansing right along with us.  It's a very encouraging and motivating group, and I love it!
There's also a prize at the end, but I'm there for the hand-holding and for the times I have concerns like "I think I drank the wrong thing at the wrong time!" or "OMG, is my tongue supposed to swell up like this?!"  You know, minor stuff.

Thing is, the Game Changer started on January 7 -- and as you all know, dear readers, I started my 30-day cleanse a week before that.

What does this mean?  Well, this means the 7 pounds and 2 inches I lost the previous week don't count toward the Game Changer!  It still counts for my 30-day, but not for the challenge.  Yeah, sucks, but it's okay -- I have more than that to lose before I'm at goal.

This also means I had to take new BEFORE photos and measurements on January 7.  The pants were looser, but as I've said, I still have a lot more fat to lose, so the reaction was still OMG, I'm never going to eat again!  I'm emailing these little photos of evil to our awesome coaches today.

Anyway, I've had my 2nd round of 2 back-to-back cleanse days.  If I'd been doing the 9-day cleanse, I'd be done by now.  And would I be satisfied with my results?!  Oh, yeah!

I've lost a total of 10 pounds and 8.25 inches overall!

Okay, here's how it went...

Cleanse Day 8: Cleanse Day.

  • The kids went back to school!  So, I didn't have to think about what to feed people since I wasn't eating as well.  This was such a plus!
  • As an introvert, I had even less energy to devote to people today, so I cancelled meetings and mellowed out.  I blogged.  I relaxed.  I took a nice long hot shower.  It was a ME DAY.
  • My skin continues to feel incredibly soft.  Yes, I still can't stop touching my face.
  • Nothing seems to harsh my buzz.  I'm still mellow, happy, and content... zen.
  • Yet, I'm still unwilling to waste my time on low priority pursuits.  I'm much more confident.

Cleanse Day 9:  Cleanse Day.
  • My skin bumps are almost gone.  Crazy!
  • I was afraid I'd be hungry, so I took an extra snack with me on my errands.
  • The mellow continued.
  • I've found that I alternated between feeling so cold and feeling so hot.  When I was just sitting, I was chilled, but when I exerted any kind of effort like thinking or moving, I got really hot.
  • I was so focused today, I got a lot done.
  • And because I was so distracted by the things on my to-do list, I didn't feel hungry AT ALL!
Stay tuned for the next installment of my cleanse adventure!  

If you want to try it too, head over here.  I'll be happy to share this wonderful journey with you and hold your hand when you choose to pursue it too.  :)

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Rhonda Rains said...

I love your writing Nenette! I am so glad you are part of our 'hand holding' group!
Rhonda Rains

Carlene said...

whoot! keep it up mama!! :)

Rock Chef said...

Excellent stuff!

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

Good luck!! Hope it continues to go well!

Teena in Toronto said...

So happy for your results :)

Stephanie said...

Holy cow woman!! 10 lbls!!!

Sandra said...

I don't want to cleanse, but I want to join the 'hand holding' group.
Congrats on the weight and inches lost! do you keep the zen going? When I'm hungry I yell at my kids to do housework for me...see, I need a hand holding group.
Keep it up girl! I'm hoping you'll be posting pics!

Su said...

Yay!! Go, Nenette

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