come on. show me yours. delurking day 2011.

14 January 2011

It's that time of year again! (Do I start every Delurking Day post that way?)  Yes, my lovely internets, it's the time of year when we bloggers get all "leave-me-a-comment"-y!

Actually, I almost forgot it this year.  Thankfully, the manly, fragrant, and rarely sticky Rude Cactus emailed all of his bloggy cohorts to remind us all of this special event and give us the lovely graphic you see over to the left.

Whether you're new to Life Candy (welcome to my brain farts!), a devoted LC commenter/emailer, or a shy LC fan, now is the time for you to flash me (like that graphic dude) one of your comments.  Bare it all, baby!  It's okay!

First of all, if you would normally hit "Anonymous", hit "Name/URL" instead.  You can leave just your name -- URL is optional.  But if you do leave a URL, I will come by and comment!

Secondly, leave one of these message ideas...
1: a simple "Yo!"
2: the colour of underwear you are currently wearing
3: what you had for breakfast
4: leave a message for my cousin Marlon who just became a grandfather (He's just a year older than me!  No, I'm not old.)
5: or a combination of the above.

Okay, folks, show me the love!  And... go!  xo

14 comments - LEAVE YOURS HERE...:

Dave2 said...

1. Yo!
2. Blue-striped boxers!
3. Toast with butter and seedless strawberry jam and a Coke
4. Congratulations! You do know that grandparents are expected to spoil their grandkids, right?
5: Yo! Blue! Toast! Congrats!

PamJ said...

Yo! Toast with pb and one or two coffees... I totally going to do this for my post today, thanks Nenette :)

Loukia said...

HI! Well I'm not de-lurking because I always comment here, but just stopped by to say hello anyway. Hope you're doing fabulous, pretty mama! Hope you're keeping warm! Just think - spring is ALMOST here!

sadattilio said...

lurker, de-lurked.

1: "Yo!"
2: black
3: DnD muffin with way too many calories =/
4: Congrats, Marlo! grandparents rule! mine sure did!
5: sup?, black, ugh, woohoo!

Me said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Me said...

Yo, hello and hidey ho!!!


Avitable said...

1: Oy!
2: None!
3: Nothing.
4: Hi Marion!

mr ali khan said...

1: allo!
2: white?
3: toasted bagel with creamcheese (yum!)
4: you're wise, not old

Bruna said...

1. Ciao bella!
2. brown
3. toasted bagel with peanut butter
4. You rock!

kyooty said...

Congratulations to your generations arrival at "grand" status.
YO! :)

Tawny said...

Ooops, a day late! Oh well, forgive me... at least I'm here :)

I had a cupcake for breakfast... with sprinkles! Breakfast of champions!

Stacey said...

Breakfast taco and snickers mocha.

Anonymous said...

1: Well hello. Haven't seen you in awhile but you and your family are near and dear to our hearts.
2: Current underwear: Compression shorts - really just got back from the gym
3: Breakfast: coffee and more coffee
4: For cousin Marlon - better you then me. My eldest daughter is just becoming a teenager and I'm afraid ... very afraid. I find peace in cleaning my shotgun.
5: On the playback list for today - Volbeat, Blue Rodeo, Megadeth, KT Tunstall, Rory Gallagher and Wo Fat. Throw in a box and mix well.
into the shadows I return until next year. My father in law calls me Dan Boy.

Su said...

1: Yo
2: white
3: triple berry crunch cereal :)
4: Congrats Marlon

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