a birthday toast. complete with a suckish RAZR phone pic.

21 September 2010

Last Saturday was my friend Harmzie's birthday. She said she had plans to go golfing with her darling Max all afternoon. Yeah, "golfing".

We knew Harmzie would be all tired from all the golf sex golf, so it came as no surprise when she said she couldn't come to that night's Sushi with Larry.

In her honour, I had an LOL*. A real one. With booze. I got drunk. For Harmzie-girl.

Happy Birthday, girlfriend! This one's for you...

* - Lime, Orange, Lichee juice... and other yummy stuff.

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harmzie said...

It should, then, come as no surprise when I tell you that my score was 69. It was actually 64, but Max wrote down 69 because maturity-wise, he's still in Junior High.

Thank you for the birthday wishes (all of them). I'm so proud of you for taking the vodka drink for the team! :-)

Tiger's Little Helper said...

You shoot a 64? That's better than Tiger Woods!

Or maybe you were confused and that's really your bowling score?

Or was it minigolf?

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