omg, crepes... at the forks!

Before I get to the crepe-y goodness, I gotta say that I don't think I've ever been more proud to be Canadian. Wow, 14 gold! I tweeted during the Opening Ceremonies that it's times like these I wish I still lived in Vancouver, but the loving embrace reached all the way over here to the Canadian Prairies.
I'm sad the Olympics are all over, but Mini's in denial. "No, I say it's not done yet, Momma. And I always win." She's milking all the final broadcasts and games replays today for all they're worth. Oh, and she's declared she wants to compete in ice dancing. So, watch out for her in 2022!

Bringing Mini to her dance class at The Forks has become more of a gastronomic pleasure. A new crépe place, Caramel Crépe, opened up 2 weeks ago at the Forks Market just beside The Beachcomber, and yes, I'll be there A LOT!

This place reminded me so much of the crépe place in New Westminster Quay across from my BC apartment. Roomie and I would go there for their generously flavoured crépes. We loved it there, so you can imagine our sadness when, during a 2001 visit, we found it had closed down.

Well, sadness abated, now that I've found this place!

Their menu gives you a selection of sweet or savoury crépes. I had one of the sweet choices called Lydia -- a crépe generously covered with Nutella and loaded with strawberries, and Lam had a Paris -- strictly crépe and Nutella.

In future visits, I plan to try out a savoury Crepizza and even their Hula crépe that sounds strikingly like a Hawaiian pizza. And if their savoury menu is as good as their sweet, I'll love these too.

Prices are reasonable, and what you do pay is totally worth it in my books. So, go. Go there NOW! You won't regret it.


  1. Lucky you to have a creperie close by. We have to make our own! Nutella and strawberries are one of my favorite fillings, too.

  2. Sounds great, crépes are always fun. We have one dinner dish in our repertoire that's a savoury crépe with ham, cheese, and a vegetable - asparagus or broccoli or something like that - and I never know what to do with the leftover 1 or 2 crépes. I know I should do something sweet with them but the right combination is never at hand. But they might go well with Nutella® and a fruit like strawberries.

    But for sweet crepes I'll always prefer the timeless goodness of Icelandic crépes - pönnukökur - the batter is different and they brown differently. If you haven't had them I'm sure you can get your good friend Sylvia to whip some up for you!

    And in the foreground of that photo, is someone advertising human bean coffee? Because I'm not so certain I want to drink anything made from someone's beans, if you know what I'm saying. Or is this a variation on your cat poop coffee theme for 2010? :-) 'Cause you know, you can get anything at the Forks!

    Man, if you told me back in 1988 that someday people would be going into those old derelict buildings at the Forks and enjoying some hoity-toity crepes in a bright sunshiney clean environment, I would have laughed in your face and said "Of course, served by the crazed homeless people who crash there!" Winnipeg sure can do some things right.


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