random quickies 03

Yes, it's another random post. It's a quick one. Okay? Ready? Set? Go!!!

1: Ask Me *ANYTHING*

In one week -- on October 7 to be exact -- this little blog o' mine will be celebrating its 2nd anniversary!!! I know! TWO YEARS!!! What the hell?!
Like last year, I'll be celebrating the entire week -- from now on to be known as The Blogoversary Week Extravaganza -- so I'm trying to come up with 5 festive posts.
For one of them, I'm dragging my poor unsuspecting readers into including my online friends in a type of "audience participation" thingy. Your task is simple:
Ask me ANY question about me that you've been wanting to know.
Seriously. ANYTHING. Feel free to ask more than one. You can leave it here in the comments or email me. If you want to make sure your question(s) hasn't already been answered, check my 100 things post. I will answer you during The Blogoversary Week Extravaganza.

I must confess that I stole this idea from the sweet and sassy Mr.Zig -- I might even answer it via vlog like he did! Oooooh... Aaaaah...

So, yeah, deadline is October 6.

2: Syndicated Mom

Remember that Canada Moms Blog post of mine I told you about? Yeah, well, it got picked up for syndication!!! Yay! This one is my 2nd post to be picked up out of the 11 posts I've written for the blog, so I'm totally chuffed. Like, totally. So, yeah, if you see it somewhere other than the Canada Moms Blog site, please let me know.
Not bad for a recovering enginerd. I'm so happy about this because this may be a sign that I could possibly not completely suck at writing. Huzzah!

3: Facebook Fan Page for Life Candy

So, I did it. I made a Fan Page on Facebook for this blog. So, even if you follow me on the Networked Blogs thing, please also come to the Fan Page and become a fan!
Frankly, I wasn't sure what the point of this page was. I was just told that it's a good idea to have one, so I got one (Wow, that sounds so "sheep" of me, eh?). But now I realized that this is another way to connect with my blog readers who aren't necessarily my FB friends.
Oh, yeah, to think that my readership has extended to more than just folks I know on FB, like aunts and gorgeous godsisters! ;)

4: Wish Chip

A wish chip for the first person to tell me what a wish chip is.
But not this one. I already ate this one. It was overflowing with wishy goodness.
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