Spicy Noodles, a Shoe & Grapefruit

Con (Roomie's Sister): "This is just a suggestion. You may want to take some time to think about it."
Me: "What do you have in mind?"
Con: "While we're in town, if the two of you want to go out for dinner or a night out, we could watch the kids for you-"
Roomie: (grabbing jacket with one hand and me with the other, running for the door) "Okay! Thanks! See ya later!"

Okay, it didn't happen quite that way. But last night, we did take Con and her hubby Don up on their very generous offer, and went out for a night of dinner and a show.

First, we headed to Spicy Noodle House in Osborne Village. Roomie had their Deep Fried Pork Chop with Spicy Peanut Noodle Soup and Pepsi with Lemon, while I had the Shrimp Pork Wonton Soup and a Vietnamese Iced Coffee. It was all so tasty and yummy, just how we remembered it from our dating days.

After dinner, we took a leisurely stroll across the street to the Gas Station Theatre for the show. In the 3 minutes it took us to get to the theatre, we talked, held hands, and pretty much did the disgusting mushy stuff that people in love do in public that make other people want to throw rotten fruit at them.

The show, Dance Reflections 2008, was a particularly special event because it was the graduation recital of the School of Contemporary Dancers, and Roomie's niece Jess had a dance solo.
I enjoy contemporary dance, and I found the show very entertaining. Roomie, on the other hand, was there primarily as family support, but he does try very hard to "get" contemporary dance. But it certainly didn't happen last night. Maybe it was the shoe or maybe the grapefruit.


  1. I'm with roomie on this one. Once, in university, there was a Contemporary Dance performance in the commons called "9 person precision ball-passing" and I thought it was *really* cool... but only from an organizational and operational perspective.

    I mean how'd they *DO* that???

  2. oh definitely, I think I spent most of the show wondering "how'd they do that?!!!" :)


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